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2:30 - 4:15 pm

 Session 3



One Arm Handstand


You got that two-arm handstand. You’re comfortable with your two arm handstand. You LOVE your two arm handstand, but you’re ready to try new things. You flirt with that elusive one-arms but what you really need is the right coach to teach you the tips and tricks you need to finally leave one arm behind. 

Learn from the guy who truly understands your struggles and trains with the world’s best. 


60-sec free handstand (away from the wall)

Level: Expert




Handstand Leg Variations & Shapes

By Aryn Shelander

Basics and drills are cool but I do that every day. Now that I can balance away from the wall, I feel this itch. A burning desire to PLAY!  

Aryn, a dedicated hand balancer and contortionist, has taken the NYC circus community by storm! Her performances are sure to wow the crowd. And the way her body moves is outstanding even to seasoned acrobats. Try the things, you won’t get in a handstand class here. Learn the wow factor. Not the balance. 


Level: Advanced 


Press Handstand

By  Coral Crawford

What’s more badass than watching your friends do a press handstand? Doing one yourself. Sometimes all it takes is the right coach to unlock the thing holding us back. What a better way to learn this beast entry into 2-arm handstands than from Coral? Let this badass female circus artist and studio owner take you there. Coral loves to press from the depths of the ground and beyond into the most exquisite handstand shapes. 


We appreciate that Coral is a master of handstands and aerial. This dual perspective gives for a refreshing outlook on press handstands.



30-second handstand against the wall 

Level: Intermediate



A Balanced Handstand

By Matt Cusick

Sure, you can hold your handstand against a wall. But does God smite your balance each time you get away from the wall? It’s not you, obviously. It was the goddamn surface. Of course. Not the lack of technique, strength, or prayers...


But not today. Today, we present you with Matthew Cusick, a master coach who worked at Cirque Du Soleil with no sense of humor to set you straight. All right, maybe this last sentence is just our NY sarcasm. But hey, we’ll definitely give you a flat, wooden surface to eliminate all your crappy excuses. Just call us your handstand angels. 


Level: Open

Handstands on Body Parts

By Jules Tollkuhn & Dmitri V.

Explore surprisingly accessible inversions on each other. Learn safe entrances, weight distribution, tempo, spotting, and self-spotting skills.



30-second handstand against the wall


Level: Open


Handstand Recovery

By Emily Lesinski DPT


No quirky lines here. Handstands are HARD. Hard to learn, hard to do, and hard on our bodies. We could all use some more pre/aftercare. Why shouldn’t you learn these techniques from the best? Emily Lesinski is a high caliber acrobat and just so happens to be Doctor of Physical Therapy too. There’s no better person to have this conversation with than the one who understands exactly what we do from a first-person perspective and one with years of experience healing acrobats.

Level: Open

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