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10:00 - 11:45 am

Session 1


All Things Weird & Wonderful

By Za Ra & Reno G.

Turning standing acro into a twisted mess.

Reno and Zara are going to tweak, twist and wrongfully make right some moves that you may never have seen before, but are certainly worth bending your minds to figure out.

Together, they bring you a workshop that will teach you standing acro moves that will spark creative juices and ground you squarely in the joyful weirdness of possibility. 


Flyer: 30-sec handstand spotted or against a wall

Comfortable climbing up to two high, comfortable flying a walking two high

Base: Comfortable basing a walking two high

Level: Intermediate




Acro Dance Flow

By Yoni Kalla & Chelcy Harell

Learn a fun exciting standing acro flow while delving deeper into your foundation. With a focus on transitions, be it on the ground or high in the air, flaunt a performance quality into your acro endgame. This intensive is “open level” and will include a range of difficulty options.


You will need to brush up on these 3 skills as a base or flyer. This will make sure you have the strength and comfort in these poses so you’ll get the most of this workshop as we graduate to other challenges.-Comfortable walking in 2 high-L-base with extended arms foot2hand-Balanced shoulder stand (10 seconds)

Level: Beginners



I Got Mono

By Nosa & Susie Edebor

We got a sickness and the only cure is MORE ACRO! Join us as we play with the midline to unlock mono limb postures as well as build strength, balance, and patience for both base and flyer. This original washing machine won't make you ill. The fun is super contagious though.


Shoulder stand, reverse star, star

Level: Intermediate 


Acro Trios and More

By Jason Smith Maren Hill  &  Dana Coppola  &  Za Rose

If 2 is good then three or more is better! Come put all your skills together with others build pyramids and trios. Will be standing and L basing all over the place. 


Intermediate L Base and Standing Acro Experience 

Level: Intermediate



One Up 'Em

By Jay Mpelezos & Sarah Sofia Wilde

Have you been getting bored in your foot to hands? Want to try something new that will really wow your parents? How about monos? This class will work through calibrations and conditioning to prepare you for mono foot to hands as well as offer some fun new challenges in and out of mono if you've already been dabbling in the practice.


L-base Foot to hand (step in preferred, no hands on base feet

Level: Intermediate



Acro Comedy

By Lana Heintjes & Mystery Guest

Two of the funniest, wittiest, most hilarious teachers in the world were not available to teach this workshop, so we got you Lana and some important big name we can't remember instead.


Have low expectations.

Level: Open

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