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10:00 - 11:45 am

Session 1


Dynamic Throws 101

By Sarah & Jeremy M.

This is the brussel sprouts of dynamic throws.  We will break down all the nuance and details for developing trust in partnerships, and confidence in self and our spotters.  


Standing F2H.  Dynamic 2 High or 2 high rodeo.

Level: Intermediate 

Fast Machines

By Debbie C. & John T.


Prerequisites: ninja star, high barrel roll, big lemoi 

Level: Intermediate

Group Shenanigans

By Sam S. & Ben K.

More people, more fun, wouldn't you agree? Ben and Sam are creating fun, dynamic, and counterbalanc-y group material to inspire teamwork and collaboration. Join them at NY AcroFest and witness the magic unfold! Get ready for an incredible experience that will leave you breathless and filled with joy! 

Prerequisites: Stable H2h and F2h, cartwheel, high bird

Level: Advance

Basics Because!

By AcroYoda

A basics+ class to dive deep into the what and why of some of the most basic poses in Acroyoga. These are the things to know in order to increase your stability and stamina of your practice. An over analyzation of the basics so that over time they become muscle memory and can be treated as a resting point within your flows. Once you get the basics the rest of Acroyoga is easy.

Prerequisite: None required!

Level: Open

AcroWarrior Flow

By Emily L. & Sean L.

Learn a fun exciting standing acro flow while delving deeper into your foundation. With a focus on transitions, be it on the ground or high in the air, flaunt a performance quality into your acro endgame. This intensive is “open level” and will include a range of difficulty options.


Flyer: jump to reverse star, some experience with pops.

Base: same as flyer

Level: Open

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