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Leading & Following Acrobatic Dance

By Zoe K. & Dave P.

Dave & Zoe of Paradizo Dance will teach a unique combination of acrobatic dance. Dave will teach the principles and foundations of acrobatic partnering as well as choreography to make acrobatics both beautiful and expressive. Learn leasable dips and tricks for the social dance floor and transitions for spectacular shows.

Prerequisites None!

Level: Open

Handstands on Body Parts

By Laura L. & Joseph G.

Explore surprisingly accessible inversions on each other. Learn safe entrances, weight distribution, tempo, spotting, and self-spotting skills.

Prerequisites 30-second handstand against the wall

Level: Open

Unique Handstands

By Khazo

Basics and drills are cool but I do that every day. Now that I can balance away from the wall, I feel this itch. A burning desire to PLAY!  

Level: Intermediate-Advanced

A Balanced Handstand

By Aryn S.

Sure, you can hold your handstand against a wall. But does God smite your balance each time you get away from the wall? It’s not you, obviously. It was the goddamn surface. Of course. Not the lack of technique, strength, or prayers...

Level: Open

Handstand Recovery

By Emily Lesinski, DPT

No quirky lines here. Handstands are HARD. Hard to learn, hard to do, and hard on our bodies. We could all use some more pre/after care. Why shouldn’t you learn these techniques from the best? Emily Lesinski is a high caliber acrobat (and a Doctor of Physical Therapy, too). There’s no better person to have this conversation with than the one who understands exactly what we do from a first person perspective and one with years of experience healing acrobats.



12:00 - 12:45pm


Session 2

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