Drills & Conditioning: F2H & H2H 

By David Haws & Jenna Cervantes

Learn drills and conditioning to clean up your practice and build a solid foundation clean standing hand-to-hand and foot-to-hand. A solid foundation is the key to advancing. 


Two high, standing f2h

Level: Open



Acrobatic Dance

By David Paris 

Dave of Paradizo Dance will teach a unique combination of acrobatic dance. Dave will teach the principles and foundations of acrobatic partnering as well as choreography to make acrobatics both beautiful and expressive. 



Level: Open



Piston Flow

By Dean Hively & Elise Foster

Another dynamic washing machine from Acrolesque! Fluid moves to transition from extension to compression, high to low, long to short, changing orientations as we go.


Star, 10 second Extended F2H, Floating Paschi, & Cartwheel to Straddle Bat

Level: Open



Double Basing Skills & Drills

By Joy Chen & Ben Klein

Double Basing Skills & Drills- low-- This foundations class emphasizes the technique of two bases working together in an L-basing position to hold a flyer up in low foot2hand and/or hand2hand. We will teach bases how to calibrate their grip and work in tandem and also share the work but have double the amount of fun. 



Level: Open



Whips 101

By Maren Hill & Brian Cruikshank

Welcome to the world of whips! Learn how to use momentum and timing to create fast flowing movement. In Whips 101 we’ll get you started with the fundamentals of whips with whip progressions, spotting, self-spotting, base & flyer technique. This class will leave you with a nice little flow and the skills to build more whips!


Base or fly L-base: hands-free bird, hands-free bird presses, swivel presses, bird on hands. Experience spotting.

Level: Open


Efficient H2H Entrances

By Devin DeAngelis & Courtney Julia

Let's work to make entering and exiting h2h pretty. Come prepared to refine technique and find alternate, Dutch inspired ways to enter H2H and RH2H


FLYER AND BASE: 10 second standing h2h, scissor lift to rh2h, pointed flyer toes

Level: Advanced



12:00 - 12:45pm


Session 2

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