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4:45  - 6:30 pm

 Session 5



Progressions to Relocate to Reverse Hand to Hand

By Brian Konash & Laura Lebron

Learn spotting and progressions for relocating to hand to hand. You will get the skill in class or take home all the right tools to make it possible.


1. Low reverse hand to hand from bird load-in or jumping in

2. Standing reverse hand to hand for 10 seconds with load-in from scissor lift

Level: Advanced



Audience Favorites

By Eric Sipes & Kelly Marburger

If you are a crowd-pleaser this is your class.  The audience doesn’t always cheer them for your most difficult skill, they react to the unique, surprising, and scary.  We’ll show you some of our favorite accessible jaw-dropping and oh and aww... earning skills. 



Level: Open



Master the Flow

By Fadi Hamdan & Iffy Roma

Experience FLOW!  From entry to exit, we'll be doing cool and unique transitions, spinning, and rolling in all directions.  Also on the menu are pretty static poses and counterbalances, along with dynamic movements. All packaged together in a clear, performance worthy flow, from entry to exit!


Reverse star, reverse foot to hand, shoulder stand

Level: Intermediate



Swingers and Threeways

By Micki Mooney & Jeremy Martin

Acro is awesome with a partner. It flys further and faster with two or more partners. Get your acro kink on with swinging, tossing, and multi-body mayhem learning and creating some amazing new acro with friends. 


Basing or flying two high

Standing H2H

Level: Advanced




By Kimo Frederiksen & Bryan Bennett 

Have you met your twin here at NY Acrofest? Bring them or find them in this same size duo workshop. Explore the possibilities of the same size partnership as you bounce back and forth between the role of flyer and base. We will be climbing high, taking it low and bringing it right back up again. It’s fun, it’s fabulous, it’s... SAMESIES! 


Two high, Reverse Flag, Star, Reverse Star, and confidence to be both the base and the flyer. 


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