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August 9, 2019

10:00 AM- 4:45PM



Friday Intensives

 10:00am - 4:45pm

Friday intensives are located in different neighborhoods!

Do Acro and explore New York City at the same time.

Standing Acro @Cosmic Fit Club


With Michaela & Scott

"The Acro Misco"



Learn from these two internationally acclaimed Manchester UK Acrobats! Fresh new faces to the USA! they will be delighted to share their skills for the first time in the USA with us.

Learn a fun exciting standing acro flow while delving deeper into your foundation. With a focus on transitions, be it on the ground or high in the air, flaunt a performance quality into your acro endgame. This intensive is “open level” and will include a range of difficulty options.


Open Level



You will need to brush up on these 3 skills as a base or flyer. This will make sure you have the strength and comfort in these poses so you’ll get the most of this workshop as we graduate to other challenges.-Comfortable walking in 2 high-L-base with extended arms foot2hand-Balanced shoulder stand (10 seconds)


About Teachers  

Scott  & Michaela from Manchester UK,  the self-taught duo have developed a unique style of training, namely learning all the ways not to do things so that you don’t have to.  They’ve spent the last few years travelling far and wide to learn from the best teachers around to keep developing and learning.

Over the last decade Misco have been building up the acrobatic community in their home town of Manchester and now they want to spread their acro love around the world. 


Cosmic Fit Club

21-36 44th Road       

Long Island City, NY

 L-Base Intensive @Warrior Bridge


With Millissa Green & Devon French 


Join them for a full day of L-BASE excitement! Begin with co-created movement drills that will give you new edges. Then drop into the process of flow creation. For Melissa and Devin, Acro is about being connected and creating something together, and their incredible, unique flows reflect that. You will then be guided through special new flows that illuminate the results of the creative process.

M & D like to follow the road less travelled, so be prepared to mix up your practice and transition between a wide range of Acro styles and techniques. Whatever your level, you will be challenged to work hard and have fun!


Open Level



All levels will be accommodated as skills will be taught in progressions and level challenges.

Having a comfortable understanding of foundational poses from bird all the way to reverse star will take you the furthest during this intensive.

About Teachers  

Mil and Dev have been teaching and training together for 2 for two years. Since the beginning it felt like they had been training together for years.  Sharing similar ideas about training and teaching helped these two blend their teaching styles quite effortlessly. Both mil and Devon share a passion for a co-created acropractice that feels awesome. We grow our flows from the place of having each other's back no matter what.


Warrior Bridge

250 Front Street       

New York, NY 10038

Scavenger Hunt

August 9, 2019

5:00pm - 8:00pm

Experience New York City with other acroyogies and win prizes. 

Explore the city through this scavenger hunt. Uncover the mysteries this grand city holds & learn more about this beautiful city. 

What a fun, collaborative, & entertaining way to experience the essence of the Big Apple! Expect photo missions, video challenges, trivia questions and more to guide teams on this hunt through monumental attractions, historic sites, and local gems. 

Details will be announced closer to the date
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