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Ashlee Conlin
Sean Lind

I am in love with physical arts and circus, and peruse virtuosity in movement. My short story is, one day I quit Law School to go join the circus. I am a graduate from école de cirque du Québec, where my two major disciplines were 'hand to hand' (Standing Acrobatics) and 'Aerial Straps'. I've performed with various circus companies, mostly corporate events.

Liz Lowenstein

Liz Lowenstein is certified AcroYoga instructors, registered yoga teachers, and Registered Dietitians. Liz has worked for over 6 years as a Nutrition Counselor and over 5 years as a Clinical Dietitian Liz travels with her partner Max all over the world teaching AcroYoga, yoga, and handstands at conventions, festivals, workshops, and wellness retreats.

Max Lowenstein

Max Lowenstein is certified AcroYoga instructors, registered yoga teachers, and Registered Dietitians. Max is an ACE-certified personal trainer with a Master's in Clinical Nutrition. Max travels with Liz all over the world teaching AcroYoga, yoga, and handstands at conventions, festivals, workshops, and wellness retreats.

Brian Davis

Brian began practicing yoga as a form of physical therapy and rehabilitation. His practice continued beyond the physical recovery stage and now permeates all aspects of his life. Together they run Boundless Yoga in Stroudsburg, PA

Scoop Slyman

Scoop wealth of knowledge about acrobatics, acro yoga, therapeutics, Thai massage, and gymnastics. Body movement and physical fitness is a passion he share and actively pursue around the world, and where he lives on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Scoop’s credentials include certifications in AcroYoga® Level I & II. Scoop consider acrobatics and acro yoga to be a life-changing experience that can border on an addiction in the best sense of the word. his teaching style reflects his personality.

Rob Newmans

Rob Newmans co-founders of the SlacroDuo have been teaching acroyoga and slackline for 7 years. He is Certified YogaSlacker and AcroYoga teachers based out of Miami and two of many community leaders sharing what they love. “We are on a mission to inspire all to do what you love, do what you enjoy and do what makes you happy in life”.

Megan Newmans SlacroDuo

Megan co-founders of the SlacroDuo have been teaching acroyoga and slackline for 7 years. she is certified YogaSlacker & AcroYoga teachers based out of Miami and two of many community leaders sharing what they love. “We are on a mission to inspire all to do what you love, do what you enjoy and do what makes you happy in life”

Fadi Hamdan

Coming at you deep from the Acro jungle, Stephanie and Fadi will be sharing some killer flows with you at NY Acrofest 2018! Join us for some intermediate level transitions and washing machines

Stephanie Redding

As a child, Stephanie earned a reputation as a veritable Houdini. A broken hip sidelined her swim/bike/run obsession and led her to yoga teacher training with Gioconda in 2011. She was instantly drawn in by the trust and strength shared in partnership. Stephanie’s began teaching acro in 2012, and she's completed both AcroRevolution and Lux teacher trainings. Always the learner, she’s just completed her aerial hoop teaching certification via Spin City and is pursuing her 500RYT.

Amy Impellizzeri

She is a force of movement and fitness. She is the co-developer of Acrofit and its lead trainer, teaching courses internationally. Continuously inspired to train larger and more diverse audiences, Amy has taken Acrofit to global. In addition, Amy currently the Festival Director of AcroYoga International, organizing 7 festivals a year around the world. Amy is an AcroYoga® Level II Teacher. Amy is a full time traveler, exploring teaching and being in nature as a means to balance in her life.

Dave Paris

Dave Paris is a seven time cabaret dance champion, a semi-finalist on America's Got Talent, and co-director of the acrobatic dance company Paradizo Dance with Zoë Klein. He has performed in over 30 salsa dance congresses around the world and has produced 13 instructional dvds in latin dance and partner acrobatics. He specializes in blending partner acrobatics with latin and contemporary dance.

Reno Gorman

Reno embodies a balance of knowledge and play that makes his classes seriously fun. With a grounded energy that is both deep and light-hearted, coupled with years of experience as a teacher, Reno is excellent at transmitting skills to students to foster their growth. Perhaps best known for his arm balancing and handstanding abilities, Reno bases just as often as he flies, embodying a well rounded balance in Acro skills.

Jeromy Onetwothree

Born in NYC and currently traveling as an Acro instructor. Lover of food, acro, and life.

Lex Peter

I have embarked on researching how we can provide conscious agency over how and when we choose to transcend this physical word. Knowledge is I and we are a body of work to decipher and contribute to. I know not myself or you and only can, at best posit the ever moving targets of palpable desires that forge corporeal direction.


Danya Xena is a full-time travelin acro teacher who creates supportive, safe, collaborative and fun learning environments. With a focus on dynamic acrobatics she encourages everyone’s inner Super Heroes by offering a community feeling with great progressions and awesome spotting. As a mid-weight acrobat she is both a base and a flyer, and as such, has a great understanding of both sides of the practice. Danya co-founded the Acro SuperHeroes.

Joe Yonek

Joe Yonek JJoe is both a certified AcroYogaMTL teacher and a 500 hour certified yoga instructor and has been teaching both since 2011. His additional interests have had him traveling and studying Taoism, shamanism, various forms of energy work and Thai Bodywork. More recently Joe graduated from professional circus school in 2016 and spends his time pursing his passions not just as a ground acrobat, but as a circus aerialist, hand balancer and a cyr wheel performer.

Brian Cruikshank

Brian is a certified Acro Revolution teacher based in Washington, DC. He’s traveled the country learning this unique form of play going to festivals, training camps, and practicing with some of the most advanced acrobats. He is in love with movement and most enjoys the sense of amazement and wonder people have when they find themselves doing the impossible.

Jeff Mandell

Jeff Mandell Jeff is devoted to bringing peace and joy to the world by teaching people how to flip upside down with a partner. He is a certified AcroYoga teacher, Laughter Yoga teacher, massage therapist, and conflict management specialist. Jeff enjoys building community through play and exploration. Learning AcroYoga with Jeff may be hazardous to your life as you know it; side effects may include laughing uncontrollably, discovery of super-human strength and balance, deep connections.

Lori Flower

Lori Flower Lori is a dedicated and inspiring teacher and body worker, whose intuition flows, creating collective harmony through unique sequences. Certified in AcroYoga and Thai Bodywork, Lori is also the founder of Karmic Connection Yoga, a healing movement that honors our connections through collaborative practices which help unravel our karma in selfless ways, reminding us of oneness


Micki has a background in dance and a penchant for fun. Her introduction to Acro was a happy accident which soon became a passion that has moved her all over the country to learn from a variety of amazing teachers. Micki completed AcroRevolution TT1 in 2014 and has been teaching traveling workshops (whenever she can escape her day job) ever since.

Maren Hill

Maren is a lover of movement: biking, capoeira, (often arrhythmic) dancing, climbing and hooping. She fell in love with AcroYoga, and remains completely head over heels. A certified AcroYoga Montreal and Acro Revolution Teacher based in Washington, DC., Maren loves sharing the playful practice of AcroYoga. She brings levity and laughter to her classes.

Chris Loebsack

She Fell in love with yoga in 1995 and began teaching in 2003. Chris uses the power of yoga to create a space for students that cultivates trust, playfulness and Divine connection with themselves and with community. Living by her mantra, Clarity, Integrity and Love, she draws upon her partner yoga practice to share the healing power of touch and safe intimacy. Her playful yet focused classes leaving students with a greater understanding of how to find comfort and space in their bodies and smiles

Coming from a theater arts background, Mary was 500-hour certified by ISHTA YogiRaj Alan Finger and has taught Yoga full-time since 2002 in yoga studios, health clubs, retreats, corporate classes, teacher trainings, and privately. She has a balance of joyful specialties, including Vinyasa, Restorative, Hatha, Meditation, AcroYoga, Thai Bodywork and Slackline Yoga. Mary teaches weekly at Om Factory in New York

Tiffany Wright

Tiffany's passion for yoga was strongly influenced by her love of body movement. With a background as a collegiate cheerleader and a current acrobat, she continues to find ways to move the body with mindfulness and grace. Once yoga was introduced, she sought out to explore the different components of yoga - physically, mentally, and spiritually.she has developed a deeper understanding of the importance of connecting mind, body and spirit.

Joy Chen

Joy Chen Joy is an experienced NYC based acrobatics teacher and performer trained in the Dutch school of partner acrobatics.

Ben Klein

Ben Klein is an experienced NYC based acrobatics teacher and performer trained in the Dutch school of partner acrobatics.

Eric Sipes

Eric fell in love with acroyoga when a fellow slackline enthusiast introduced him 4 years ago. Since then he has given his heart and soul to the art and practice of Acro. With over 500 hours of professional training and countless hours in the gym refining and deepening his understanding of movement arts, he shares his practice and passion with any and everyone along side his partner Kelly Marburger.

Kelly Marburger

Kelly has always been passionate about the movement arts. At age 3 she started gymnastics. Since then she has branched out to rock climbing, yoga, dance, aerial and acrobatics. Her teaching draws from her foundation as a gymnast, yoga teacher and from over 4 years of intensive acrobatic instruction.

Sean Langhaus

Sean’s teachings aim to show students that they are more capable than could have imagined. Fusing years of experience across Yoga, Martial Arts, Acrobatics as well as a host of other movement and healing arts in his classes he aims to teach a practice that both restores and empowers the practitioner. Sean is the founder of Warrior Bridge and the AcroWarrior Training program. He specializes in acro include pops, whips and hand to hand.

Emily Lesinski

Emily blends her experience in dance, yoga, and acrobatics with a doctorate level of education in Physical Therapy to empower and inform students and patients. In her private practice Emily works with yoga teachers, movement professionals, high-level athletes and office workers alike, blending manual therapy, postural training and yogic awareness and alignment to offer patients greater movement range, freedom from pain, and reduced injury risk.

The Acro Smiths

We are The AcroSmiths, husband and wife team who love to spend our days together playing, learning, and growing. We are always willing and happy to share everything we know to spread the joy of Acro. We fell in love with partner acrobatics after attending a workshop in Atlanta with Todd Delaune.We continue to hone our skills and knowledge of acrobatics by attending numerous workshops, trainings and intensives through out the US.

David Haws

David teaches, trains, and performs acro in New York City and around the country. Dave has been training acro and handbalancing for two years, as well as long experience in body weight training, yoga, running, and conditioning. David discovered Acro after finishing his PhD in mathematics and moving to the city. David is thrilled to be part of the Acro Revolution Teaching Tribe, finishing his teacher training in Fall 2016. He has taught beginner acro workshops in addition to advanced workshops on

Andrew Perlot

Andrew Perlot is just a wee bit obsessed with pops, whips, and anything that involves a lot of air time. Andrew is an AcroRevolution-certified teacher living in Texas.

Tara Marsh

Tara has been practicing yoga for over 15 years and teaches both yoga and acro yoga, at Warrior Bridge and in corporate settings. She believes the strength, trust and communication that are fundamental to acro yoga, are fundamental in every other part of our lives. Acro yoga is for everyone - it is far more accessible than you might think. What you practice, you get good at. With Tara, who is part warrior, part fairy, above all else, you will practice joy.

Taylor has been practicing ACRO for 5+ years now. He is a certified Acro Revolution teacher as well as a Superhero Circus Academy Social Justice teacher. With a background in sports, dance, alternative movement styles and something called "Acronastics" (the fever dream of a madman) Taylor brings a myriad of thinking and experiences to the classroom. Taylor currently teaches workshops, privates and weekly classes out of Be Movement Arts in Boston. Whether you're just getting into ACRO or looking

Juliette Lauer

Juliette Lauer is a former competitive cheerleaders (with a few national titles under their belts) turned acrobats. she found that her skills she learned over a lifetime of training and competing in cheerleading naturally transitioned standing acrobatics skills. Now she practice, teach and occasionally perform standing acrobatics infused with cheer style and techniques.

Linda Mittel

Linda believes in creating a playful atmosphere, cultivating grace and receptivity. She will warn you that AcroYoga is ADDICTIVE. She pulls from her dance experience for technique and dynamics; from yoga for connection, sensitivity and courage; from her community consistently witnessing expansion, trust and extraordinary communication. She is extremely grateful for the positive influence from her extraordinary teachers.

Diego Barbato

With a base in martial arts since the age of 3, born in Caracas, Venezuela & now living in Panama City. Always loved movement & energy since very small, found yoga a couple of years ago and at a very similar time Acro with an old friend. Love extreme sports and being outside and travelling, focused on teaching as much to everyone opened to learn and also learn from everyone willing to teach. Did teacher training in Hawaii with Acro Revolution'15 becoming the first Acro teacher in Central America

Eddie Salguero

Eddie Salguero is a Certified AcroYoga, Acro Revolution teacher & an Acrofit Trainer. Eddie is very passionate about sharing this partner based fitness program, meeting new people, building a community through fitness, trust and connection. He is currently living as a nomadic yogi, teaching AcroyYoga & Acrofit workshops. In addition, he loves outdoors activities like climbing, mountain biking, hiking, camping,and had been exploring adventure racing.

Michelle Griffith

Michelle focuses much of her personal teaching career on slacklining and a kind of slackline-inspired acro called “Slackro,” Michelle emphasize community, curiosity, communication, and creativity.

Laura is a yoga instructor. Living in NYC from the Dominican Republic where she started teaching yoga and acroyoga about 4 years ago. After moving back to NYC in 2015 she's been training partner acrobatics and handstands with different coaches from the area and abroad. Laura is passionate about sharing a movement practice that helps people feel empowered, strong and in touch with their best selves.

Lana Heintjes

Lana Heintjes is a certified Level 2 AcroYoga Int teacher, known for her soothing voice, calm presence and playful spirit. She has been an active and passionate yoga instructor since 2009, after she took her incredibly powerful 200-hr Yoga to the People teacher training in NYC. She is certified in Vinyasa Yoga, AcroYoga, Restorative Yoga, and Thai Yoga Bodywork. She teaches Circus Arts and she is a rock climber at the Gunks. Lana is the co-founder of Yoga Mountain Retreats.

Estefania Valencia

Estefania Valencia began her movement practice at age 10, she was a member of Cafe y Orquidea, a Colombian folkloric dance group until the age of 20. She swam for her high school swim team and became a Salsa ballroom instructor and performer by age 16. Estefania has also been practicing Vinyasa, Bikram, and Power yoga for 10 years and has a deep passion for animal wellness, holistic medicine and nutrition. She obtained her 200 hour yoga teacher training and acroyoga teacher training from WB

Salam Diri

Salam Diri has been exploring movement practices and studying the mind since a very young age. He has worked as a personal trainer and group fitness coach for over 15 years working with people of all ages and fitness levels. Salam has helped start up and manage multiple gyms, including co-founding The Academy of fitness and Hoboken Acroyoga in Hoboken, NJ. He combines his expertise in psychology, wrestling, gymnastics, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, M.M.A., Capoeira, nutrition, yoga, Acroyoga.

Dona squires

With over 25 years of combined teaching experience, senior teachers Dona Squires & Aiyesha Ghani, are dedicated to cultivating healing connection through the practice of AcroYoga. They abide by the principle that the healing process is something that occurs as an individual, communally, and as a collective humanity. Long time practicing LMT, Thai Yoga Practitioner and 500RYT, Dona Squires is committed to sharing her passion for somatic healing and meditative movement.

Adam Beeson

Adam Beeson is former competitive cheerleaders (with a few national titles under his belts) turned acrobat. He found that his skills he learned over a lifetime of training and competing in cheerleading naturally transitioned standing acrobatics skills. Now he practice, teach and occasionally perform standing acrobatics infused with cheer style and techniques.

Ryan Gibson
Eleanor Bramwell

Eleanor is known for creating sacred space, powerful facilitation, and weaving self growth inquiry into all that she does. Her extensive academic education in psychology and experience as a Board Certified Structural Integrator were ignited by an earnest desire to understand the body/mind continuum and self. A radical visionary and conscious entrepreneur, she is the Executive Director of BodyWise Institute. Eleanor also founded a nonprofit and sister organization, BodyWise Foundation.

Jan Manke

Jan grew up in East Berlin Germany. In 2003 he attended the Berlin circus and performing arts school called Die Etage. Upon graduation in 2006 he continued to further his skills by training in Paris and Montreal. He moved to New York in 2011 where he teaches and performs. Jan currently specializes in handstands, partner acrobatics, aerial straps and duo trapeze.

Laura Zeigler

Laura is certified yoga and acro teachers. Laura is an expert at teaching Thai massage and kids and family yoga and acroyoga, and runs workshops and teacher trainings all over the country. Laura emphasize community, curiosity, communication, and creativity. she is founded on the belief that conscious and consensual connection creates healing, and that joyful play is the gateway to growth. Students will leave her classes feeling empowered by engaging with a challenge, rather than discouraged.


Za ra She unearthed AwkroYoga one day in a sweaty mess of jamming, and knew that the world needed an opportunity to create from a place that embraces the ridiculous.

Amy Rowland

Previously a circus-performing lawyer yogi in Australia and Japan, Amy took a break from her corporate career to run away with the circus and do more yoga. She performed adagio acro in Australia, studied at Chinese circus school, street performed in Serbia, traveled through Mexico with clowns and practiced plenty of yoga along the way. Amy is a Co-Creator of CircAsana Yoga, and is a qualified Partner Acrobatics teacher, Aerial Yoga teacher, Sivananda Yoga teacher, Thai Massage therapist.

Elise Foster

Elise began practicing yoga at a young age. In 2011, Elise "flew" for the first time at a Park and immediately fell in love with AcroYoga and it's lineage of 3 different elements - yoga, acrobatics, and the healing arts. . Elise aims to bring to others the joy, power and healing energy that yoga and AcroYoga brought into her life. Like nothing else she has experienced, Outside of teaching, Outside of teaching, you can catch Elise performing around DC or nationally with Acrolesque.

Dean Hively

Dean is a certified AcroYoga International teacher and has studied it for five years. He teaches weekly classes in DC. Dean has a laid back and positive approach to life and teaching. His teaching emphasizes safety, form, and the energetics of partnership. His goal is to promote joy, amazement, and comfort in community.By day he is an environmental research scientist, and he moonlights as a performer in Acrolesque with Elise.

Yoni Kallai
Angela Butch
Melissa Wu

Melissa is a Native New York City mover and shaker whose movement practice includes capoeira, crossfit and acroyoga. Her insatiable appetite for adventure and new activities keeps her constantly learning. #ibaseifly


Sensitive STRENGTH Workshop teacher for the bodywork and dessert

Fem-Power @The Yoga Collective NYC

August 14th 2017 

10:00am - 12:00pm


FemPower Acro is a celebration of female-identified practitioners, teachers, and innovators in Acro. This special event will include both acro as well as discussion and dialogue.


FemPower Acro is an opportunity for us to discuss the opportunities and challenges for women in the Acro communities. We will explore how Acro perpetuates and simultaneously dismantles gender stereotypes, and how these practices can celebrate women’s strength, and challenge societal expectations.


FemPower Acro is also an opportunity for us to practice together, support each other and lift each other up.


This event is intended for female-identified practitioners, transwomen and gender non conforming folks. To the greater community (and male-identified practitioners) thank you for honoring this special event by supporting this intention.

Danya co-founded the Acro SuperHeroes, the SuperHero Circus Academy, the Canadian Acro Intensive, founded FemPower Acro and has taught in over 100 communities. Danya brings with her a career in adult education, coaching and facilitation, a deep passion for social justice, and a Masters degree in Diversity Studies with a focus on pedagogy (the art and science of teaching). Danya is certified as both a Partner Acrobatics and Acro Revolution Teacher and attended 10 weeks of Pitch Catch Circus in 2016. She currently is in the process of developing a Social Justice focused Acro Teacher Training.



The Yoga Collective NYC

135 W 29th St, Unit 603

New York, NY 10001

Danya Xena

Danya Xena is a full-time travelling acro teacher who creates supportive, safe, collaborative and fun learning environments. With a focus on dynamic acrobatics she encourages everyone’s inner Super Heroes by offering a community feeling with great progressions and awesome spotting. As a mid-weight acrobat she is both a base and a flyer, and as such, has a great understanding of both sides of the practice.


Get the best of of NY AcroFest post-fest workshops

Friday Workshops

Acrobatic Hanstand @cosmic Fit Club

August 14th 2017 

2:00am - 4:00pm


Make your handstand more confident and comfortable by learning new technicques for an aligned acrobatic handstand!

Are will cover alignment/tightness exercises, finger strengthening and body awareness exercises, balancing, flexibility exercises, handstand specific strengthening/conditioning and MORE. If you already practicing handstands, this workshop will refine your technique and streamline your practice. If you are a novice handstand practitioner, this workshop will lay the groundwork for your successful handstand journey.

Ara Kocharyan

is Russian acrobat/circus Full time performer based in Queens, New York City. 

Having started his training in acrobatics as a six-year-old in Krasnodar, Russia, by the age of eight Ara had reached the status of Master of Sports - the coveted

honorary title among Russian athletes. He performed for years with a four man Russian Sport Acrobatic team as the top flyer in a four-high. He made his professional circus debut in Atlas Movement’s “THE OPTIMIST” as the lead character. 

This year, Ara has returned to his roots and has partnered with a base, developing a range of dynamic and theatrical acts within male duo partner acrobatics. 

As an acrobatics performer and instructor, he loves to combine his mastery of gymnastics with his extensive experience of an athletic dancer. He looks forward to growing as a performer, artist and actor and welcome new opportunities. 


Cosmic Fit Club

21-36 44th Road       

Long Island City, NY

The Art of Hand to Hand @cosmic Fit Club

August 14th 2017 

5:00am - 7:00pm


For those new to h2h, learn the building blocks to successfully base or fly h2h, and take home a foundation of skills Bryan uses daily in his h2h practice. For more experienced h2h practitioners, refine your skills with new training techniques for continuing to better your h2h practice. Prerequisites - 1 min handstand hold @ the wall, base or fly star, shoulder stand, L-sit and foot to hand.

Yoga has enhanced these activities by giving him increased balance, breathe, strength and flexibility, which he strives to pass along in his classes. He became a teacher to give back what yoga has given him. Somewhere along the yoga path he found AcroYoga. This practice has now turned all things Acrobatics into a passion along side with yoga. He has a Masters Degree in Public Policy from the University of Utah. Yoga and acrobatics, for him, has become an ever evolving learning process, one that unfolds daily in new ways.

Bryan Flanders
Bryan turned to yoga after a cancer scare, wanting to be healthier, and found a level of health never before known or expected. Bryan ‘s three favorite things about teaching include being able to facilitate healing, bringing balance to one’s life, and seeing his students achieve their goals.


Cosmic Fit Club

21-36 44th Road       

Long Island City, NY

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