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4:30  - 6:00 pm

 Session 4

Dynamic Passing

By Sarah & Jay, Jeremy

Flyers will be tossed in the air from base to base. Dynamic spotting will be broken down. Come here to learn some throws that have theatrical flare. 

Prerequisites Solid F2H. Comfortable with standing acrobatics. Experience with cradle catches. 

Level: Advanced

Meatier Meteor

By Lux

Another spinning twisting puzzle to solve and make smooth. Contacts with the hips and shoulders of flyer. 

Prerequisites An open mind and ability to listen to your partner. 

Level:  Intermeditate 

Feats on Feet

By Club Sandwich- Eric Sipes, Libby Jones, Kelly Marburger &Asa Keiswetter

What’s better than foot to foot? FEET TO FEET! Join Club Sandwich for this double flyer, double base, foot-to-foot inspired group forms and flow class that is bound to challenge your adductors, your balance, and just how slow you can go. Get ready to bear your soles!

Prerequisites BASES: solid foot to foot, super strong adductors, FLYERS: solid foot to foot, basing and flying thigh stand, handstand against a wall for 30 seconds

Level: Open

Lunar Love

By Laura Z. & Charlie S.

Join us to practice the softer, more receptive side of acro yoga through restorative flying. We’ll move into these poses slowly, creating an environment of safety and trust. Learn to surrender and receive your partner, both as a base and flyer, and to practice direct, compassionate communication about your needs - these skills will translate into the rest of your acro practice and LIFE!

Prerequisites Willingness to both give and receive therapeutic flying. 

Level: Open


I Got Mono

By Susie & Nosa Edebor

We got a sickness and the only cure is MORE ACRO! Join us as we play with the midline to unlock mono limb postures as well as build strength, balance, and patience for both base and flyer. This original washing machine won't make you ill. The fun is super contagious though.

Prerequisites Shoulder stand, reverse star, star

Level: Intermediate 

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