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2:45  - 4:30 pm

 Session 4

The Road to One Arm H2H

By Acro Misco 

Look Ma! One Hand! The Road to One arm H2H is fun, challenging, and exciting! Jess and Aaron, Owners of The Movement Sanctuary in St.Pete Fl, will guide you through this journey one progression at a time in hopes for you to catch a glimpse of this skill during our time together. Don't fret! We will send you on your way to continue working this skill safely when it's time to say goodbye. 


Solid Standing H2H & Standing F2H

Level: Advanced


In & Out Pilobolus

By Otis Cook

Learn to create fluid transitions and combinations with traditional and non-traditional acro with this Pilobolus legend. Low impact and high output techniques to create a smooth flow with your partner. 


An open mind and ability to listen to your partner. 

Level: Open



Weird Icarian 2.0 Pt 1 & 2

By Micki Mooney & Jeremy Martin

We’ve updated our algorithms, installed more RAM, a moon roof, and heated seats. We'll explore rotation through all three planes of movement, and also work towards multi-axis rotation. We will offer a variety of pops, we expect that some content will come easily and other exercises will be taken away for homework. 


Popping in & out of a reverse star.

Level: Advanced



Cosmic Pass the Flyer!

By Joy Chen & Ben Klein

This intermediate-level class involves group work in the best possible way! Bases will be working together in twos, threes and fours to "pass the flyer" from L-basing positions with the flyer in poses such as bird, star, and side star, all the way up to standing Foot 2 Hand and hand2hand. Appropriate group spotting will be emphasized! 


5 second standing Foot 2 Hand 

Level: Intermediate



Brawn + Breath

By Raydene Salinas Hansen & Jonathan Sint 

In this L-basing flow, we’ll move equally on the base’s feet and hands while we test our strength, balance, and breath to explore technical transitions to and between mono-limbed shapes. Bring your strength, endurance, and grace for this challenging intermediate flow!


Flyer & base both solid in mono-leg poses, comfortable in mono-arm holds, biceps stand, crocs, working toward ease in transitions.

Level: Intermediate



Intro to Acroyoga Montreal

By Vanessa Flores & Sabrina Cooper

Join us for an exploration of Acroyoga fundamentals, Montreal-style, where inclusion and creativity are the names of the game.


Familiarity with basing, flying and spotting Bird, Back Bird, Shin to foot

Level: Beginners

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