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9:30  - 11:15 am

 Session 1



Strange but Fun Circus

By Angela B. & Yoni K.

Standing moves in pairs or more that are not your common hand to hand/ 2 high/ flag, but that could be informed by those. Come enjoy the oddities. 

Prerequisites Base and flyer - standing hand to hand hold 5s, comfortable in 2 high with no hand use

Level: Intermediate

Dance Drifts & Lifts

By Tori & Robert Li

Learn some flashy acro dance skills you can use in your performances. They will be visual and captivating, and we will break them down so that they are accessible. 

Prerequisites Flyer: be comfortable in being lifted. Base: be confident in lifting flyer. 

Level: Intermediate 


By Lesley K. & Zach S.

Calling Intermediate/Advanced pairs! This workshop will test your endurance, as you move through tricky transitions with grace and elevate your acro skills for performance. You'll learn a lengthy acroyoga/acrobatic dance flow that will make you shine like a pro. The choreographed acroflow will be 90+ seconds long, so it will also test your mental strength.

Prerequisites All star variations, all shoulder-stand variations, f2h, some h2h experience preferred, but not required

Level: Intermediate 

Fluid Foundations

By Emery M. & Rachel M.

The Ins and Outs of Building a Flow. You’ve done bird and maybe star, so you’re ready to be creative at jams! We are ready to teach you how to come up with multiple transitions between the poses you know, so you can think on your feet and have fun with your acro friends. You will leave this class with the ability to comfortably play with others and share your new-found knowledge at the gym, park, or perfect IG spot!


Flyer: Bird, comfort existing upside down
Base: Bird, Star
th: Open curiosity for exploring with others in a hands-on supportive environment.

Level: Open

Pre Hab

By Jeremy Martin

Applying fitness principles to your acro practice will improve your gains. This class helps you develop the skills to write an acro and an exercise program AND injury prevention/rehab. We will discuss shoulders, hips, knees, and low back. There will also be a Q&A section to help address personal injuries and experiences. 

Prerequisites Bring your questions

Level: Open 

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