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9:30  - 11:15 am

 Session 1



Hand To Hand Entrances & Exits

By Jeremy Martin & Reno 

Love hand to hand but tired of the same old entrances and exits? Then come add more variety into your practice with our class! We will explore numerous dynamic entrances and exits including cartwheeling up, rag doll, death drops and more. 


- 10 second standing H2H hold (jumping in for regular or posting up for reverse)

- Comfort in standing foot to hand 

- Confidence and comfort with dynamic spotting 

Level: Advanced


Be YOUnicorn

By Amy Rowland & Saffron Van Rossem

Unleash your inner YOUnicorn with CircAsana's Loop-de-Loop creative acro flow.  Incorporating strengthy back-bending magic, a sprinkle of creativity science, and circus-yoga-positive psychology sparkles on top.  You will leave with your own glittering, purpose-filled performance creation.


High Side Star, 30 sec Handstand, 30 second L-base shoulder stand 

Level: Intermediate 


Freeze Frame

By Coral Crawford & Paul Gelinas

A unique flow using levers, rolls, and controlled transitions. We pause and freeze frame to savor beautiful shapes, treading the line between grace and strength.


Base and/or fly: Mono reverse star and side star. It would be an asset for the flyer to be comfortable in a handstand.

Level: Intermediate 


Quad Pod Trio Squad

By Club Sandwich- Eric Sipes, Libby Jones, Kelly Marburger &Asa Keiswetter

Serving up our favorite accessible, performance-friendly pyramids for quads and trios. Stacks feature L-basing with 3-4 persons in various configurations. Showcase your bone stacking skills for IG with two or three of your friends. Exploring stacking, group counterbalance, and how to spot group forms.


Both base and flyer must be able to:

L-base shoulder stand 


Straddle Throne

Level: Beginners


Blindfolded Bliss

By Dona Squires & Dean Frolicks 

Is lack of trust part of your emotional lexicon? The truth is that trust has to come from the inside. When you close your eyes, you can feel more, and when you are not able to see your comfort zones, magical transformation happens. Center your attention on your heart as you lose sight of fear. Learn to trust your body, trust your instincts, trust yourself, trust your partner. Take a shot in the dark. Gain insight without sight. Take a go at a flow in the dark and challenge your proprioception. Blind trust starts with communication. Learning begins with breath and consensual touch.  Discover the exploration of movement in the dark and the 



Level: Open 



Whip Pop Anonymous 

By Emily Lesinski & Sean Langhaus

In this class we will refine the individual skills of front and back whips, making consistency the priority. Then we'll build whips and pops in tempo, before moving into the peak skills (whip-pops!) with intelligent spotting.  


Flyer and base- some experience with front swings, some experience with pops. 

Level: Intermediate 

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