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11:25 - 1:10 pm

 Session 2



Let's Rock n' Roll 

By Aaron Tremper

Let's Rock n' Roll! There's so much you can do starting with a little Rock! Aaron, will show you several creative pathways you can take utilizing this entrance appropriate for intermediate/advanced practitioners. 


High Side Star, 30 sec Handstand, 30 second L-base shoulder stand 

Level: Intermediate 




Icarian Front Pikes & Front Tucks

By Abigail Bowersox & Taylored Acro

In this dynamic acro offering be prepared to explore the full rotational hype of what popping has to offer; the front pike and front tuck. We will begin with progressive steps to prepare you to reach the maximum height of awesomeness. Starting with the front pike and if time allows, the front tuck. 


- Icarian Throne to Throne pops 

- Flyer should have comfort rolling forward

- Confidence and comfort with hands on spotting 

- Experience with castaways is a plus but not a requirement 

Level: Advanced 



By Lesely Kennedy & Zach Schmal 

Learn a lengthy acro/dance flow that will test your endurance, sharpen your acro skills, move with grace, and soften your transitions to look like an acro pro! 


Fly or Base, all-star variations, Ninja- Star, low h2h, f2h, all shoulderstand variations

Level: Intermediate


Friend Stacking

By Sarah Kim & Jeremy Estey

Just started acro and wanna acro with everyone? …I mean, at the same time? Break the binary mold!! Let's take inclusivity to a whole 'nother level. Invite yo friends -- like all of them. Tired of not having enough space to have an acro party in your tiny NY apartment? Learn how to optimize your space by stacking your friends efficiently! This class will play with Lbase trios, standing trios and the flows in-between.


willing to spot, and plays nice with others.

Level: Beginners


Completely Relax in 105 

By Linda Mittel & Laura Zeigler

Experience sensational release top to bottom. Work solo and paired. Float off completely relaxed. Body parts may need to shake, rattle and roll before the skeleton can completely let go. Refine the skills needed to feel the decompression to rescue backs, limbs, wrists, shoulders, and necks. 



Level: Open


AwkroYoga - Advanced Awkwardness

By Za Ra & Matt Schnuth

LET'S GET RIDICULOUS...If it's not allowed to be pretty, could it be... genius?

AwkroYoga™ has given millions the permission to make ugly shapes and laugh until they snotty cry while doing it.

This year, we are back to teach "Advanced Awkwardness", furthering the bad, the weird and  the uncomfortable that we birthed at last year's fest. Forget what you know about Acro. Create Awkro. 


Basing AND/OR flying star, foot to shin, back plank, any L-basing flow.


DEFINITELY not for beginners. Advanced Awkwardness requires a foundation in AcroYoga so that we can learn the rules before we break them.

Level: Intermediate 

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