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11:25 - 1:10 pm

 Session 2



Path to Inlocate

By Shaina G. & Brian K.

Learn spotting and progressions for inlocating to hand to hand. You will get the skill in class or take home all the right tools to make it possible.

Prerequisites Low hand to hand from Star load-in or jumping in, Standing hand to hand for 10 seconds.

Level: Intermediate 

Let's Get Untangled!

By Steph M. & Fadi H.

Were you ever tangled up with your partner when flowing or dancing! Well in this class we're gonna tangle up on purpose! But most importantly, we will also untangle in equal grace! Join us for an all level standing dance flow where entanglement will be your best friend!

Prerequisites None, basic movements like cartwheels for flyers will be helpful, but not necessary

Level: Open 

Funky Washing Machines

By Sariah P. & Taylored. 

Every year we try to roll out a new machine or five to keep you challenged, dizzy and entertained. Snag some classic THN moves to add to your flows or create a new one with our funky machine format. Circus punks Reno and Sariah will show you as many Roll-ey, Spin-ey, Intuitive Flow Machines you probably haven't seen along with some great classics to keep your flows rolling fast.  

Prerequisites Fly or Base, all-star variations, Ninja- Star, low h2h, f2h, all shoulderstand variations

Level: Intermediate

One Legged Whips

By Kylee R. & Dominick C.

The dynamic practice of a one legged whip will get your energy flowing for sure! Both bases and flyers can work with the momentum that whips the flyer from one pose to the next while understanding stopping points along the way. These powerful transitions can be practiced with control and that control will be the roots of this class.

Prerequisites Back whip, free side star, mono back fly, pick pocket washing machine

Level: Advanced

Thai & Fly

By Elise F. & Dean H.

In this workshop we will explore the restorative elements of AcroYoga flying therapeutics and Thai Yoga Massage using the tools of receptivity, gravity, sensitivity, and loving kindness to bring balance, trust and connection to giver and receiver. We'll guide you through proper physical techniques that will allow you to practice confidently and with ease. 

Prerequisites None

Level: Open

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