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Drag Ups

By Christina Baez & Ryan Gibson

Standing Acro can be a DRAG! Learn the elusive "Drag Up". While it may appear to require being bendy, it's about executing a back handspring movement.


Standing Hand to Hand without any walking

Level: Advanced



By Devin DeAngelis & Courtney Julia

Move. Learn. Create. Join us for this dance flow class to learn transitions from L-base to standing and back again. We will explore ways to make your acro FLOW seamlessly and provide you with transitions to place between tricks. Everyone is welcome!



Level: Open 



Ooh Baby, Baby

By Nosakhare & Susie Edebor

Get ready to push it real good! Join Nosa and Susie of Nosie Yogi in this session that explores, celebrates and calibrates Baby Hand to Hand.  We will work various entrances into Baby hand to hand as will build an original washing machine. Don't let the name fool you this is one is not for the kids.


Back fly, side star, Star, foot 2 hands

Level: Intermediate



Group Cannonball Swings & Many Things That Swing 

By Lex

Cannonball swings start with the flier’s stomach facing the ceiling and two bases hold the flier’s arms. From this position, we will swing the flier to hands to hands, partial backflip, and short routines.

Swings involve two or four bases holding the flier's feet and arms. From this position, the flier is toss up laying flat into the air. The flier is tossed feet to hands or hands to hands. 


A beating heart.

Level: Intermediate



Therapeutic Flying to Recharge

By Kimber Brenneman & Jesse Bowes

If you need a little break but want to keep moving to join us for some Therapeutic Flying and partner stretching. We will be practicing foundational Therapeutic Flying to relax, stretch and recharge. 



Level: Open 



Thai Body Tour

By Mary Aranas & Laura Zeigler

Experience a Thai massage reset. We move up the feet, legs, hips, and torso, get some juicy side-lying shoulder therapy, then some hip and back love. We flow through major sets of hardworking muscles to detox and release, so you can play again! Expect to give and receive, in turn, an extended, full sequence, and emerge cleaner, light and energized.


Comfort moving between kneeling, sitting, and standing while following a guided bodywork flow you will be taking your resting partner through. Willing to listen while giving and receiving care, for a safe, nurturing, healing exchange.

Level: Open



1:30 - 3:15 pm

 Session 3

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