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Hand To Hand Entrances & Exits

By Iffy R & Andrew P.

Love hand to hand but tired of the same old entrances and exits? Then come add more variety into your practice with our class! We will explore numerous dynamic entrances and exits including cartwheeling up, rag doll, death drops and more. 


- 10 second standing H2H hold (jumping in for regular or posting up for reverse)

- Comfort in standing foot to hand 

- Confidence and comfort with dynamic spotting 

Level: Intermediate

Acro Dance Flow

By Duo In Motion

Learn a fun exciting standing acro flow choreographed to music. With a focus on transitions, be it on the ground or high in the air, flaunt a performance quality into your Acro endgame.

Prerequisites Proficient basing or flying Ninja star, high barrel rolls/cork screw 

Level: Advanced 

Tom Hanks Castaways

By Kerri H. & Taylored

Wanna come sail away and Enya isn't your thing?? How about getting lost on a desert island with nothing but a volley ball?!? Well then we've got the class for you!! Come learn how to CASTAWAY, in a style that would make Tom Hanks red with envy and confusion!! Well take you from bird pops to soaring though the air, safely and progressively. So come Castaway with us today!! 

*screaming WILSOOOON included*

Prerequisites Comfort in throne, bird and catching people a must. Pop experience helps but not required. Fast hands, soft feet and the willingness to fail together!!

Level: Intermediate

Banquine 101
By Eric Sipes, & Rose Eilenberg.

Bases, do you like making uncomfortable eye contact with each other? Flyers, do you like being thrown into the air by multiple bases? If the answer is yes, welcome to the thrilling world of banquine, a double-base tossing/catching style. This introductory class is designed to get you comfortable with the fundamental techniques and principles of banquine.

Prerequisites No prior banquine experience required, but we can offer more advanced options for anyone ready.

Level: Open

Thai Massage for AcroYogis

By  Sandy A. & Mary A.

Thai yoga bodywork aka Thai massage is good for everybody. Here though, we focus on the "favorite things" requested by AcroYogis. Flows include: hips, legs, shoulders, neck, plus you have a chance to request YOUR "favorite things" we'll work into the magic mix! Expect to leave refreshed, relaxed, reconnected to self and others. More open, for play, laughter, love!

Prerequisites Your body is comfortable with giving Thai yoga bodywork on the floor. This includes: kneeling, lunge, squat, sit, moves between positions. A willingness to be present for and give healing ease to another. No partner required.

Level: Open 




1:30 - 3:15 pm

 Session 3

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